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Child CRT Candidates

Recent studies suggest that 75% of children are capable of wearing corneal reshaping lenses. CRT Brand Contact Lenses are worn at night and could be a perfect treatment option to correct your child’s nearsightedness (myopia).

Imagine your child getting up in the morning to go to school and instead of putting on daytime contact lenses, they remove them and see clearly all day long. No lost contact lenses. No broken glasses. No hassles. Just great vision!

Your child may be a candidate for an advanced, non-surgical vision correction procedure that provides excellent vision during the day without glasses, daytime contact lenses, or surgery.

The procedure is Corneal Reshaping with CRT Brand Contact Lenses, and it and involves having a Certified CRT Eye Care Professional fit your child with a pair of specially-designed contact lenses that are worn only while sleeping!

No Glasses. No Daytime Contacts. No Surgery. No Kidding!

Do glasses or daytime contacts ever interfere with your child’s schoolwork or after school activities?

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If you can answer “Yes” to any of the questions below, call to schedule an eye exam to see if your child is a candidate for corneal reshaping with CRT Brand Contact Lenses. Does your child wear glasses or daytime contact lenses while playing sports or participating in other physical activities?

  • Do glasses or daytime contacts ever interfere with your child’s schoolwork or after-school activities?
  • Are you concerned about potential injuries as a result of your child wearing glasses or daytime contacts while playing sports or engaging in physical activities?
  • Do you worry that your child is not following proper daily lens care procedures while away from home, which could lead to infections or corneal complications?
  • Does your child ever complain of sore, red, or dry eyes while wearing their daytime contact lenses?

If children complain about not being able to see the board in school, they may be experiencing symptoms of nearsightedness (myopia) and you should contact our office to schedule an eye exam. Nearsightedness occurs when the eyeball lengthens, which means that light entering the eye focuses in front of the retina rather than directly onto it.

CRT lenses were FDA approved in June 2002, for children and adults, and hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, are enjoying the benefits they provide. This therapeutic contact lens gently and safely reshapes the cornea while your child sleeps to correct nearsightedness (myopia). Most commonly referred to as “Corneal Reshaping or Orthokeratology”, CRT offers a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that temporarily corrects nearsightedness up to -6.00 diopters, and mild amounts of astigmatism.

CRT requires overnight lens wear to reshape the cornea. With CRT, parents no longer have to worry about their child seeing the board clearly, not wearing their glasses at school, losing or breaking their daytime contacts or glasses, or having visual fluctuations while participating in their favorite after-school activity.

Children who are fitted with contact lenses at age 12 or younger are equally likely to be successful long-term contact lens wearers as wearers who were fitted with lenses during their teens.

Although research indicates that there is a hereditary component with nearsightedness, the development of nearsightedness can be affected by our environments.

Today’s generation of children, even adults, spend significantly less time outdoors where natural light is up to ten times greater than indoor light. Because of this, more time is spent focusing on near activities such as watching TV, texting, updating a Facebook profile, reading and playing games with gaming consoles.

Exposure to sunshine not only stimulates positive, happy feelings, it also causes our bodies to produce a chemical called dopamine, which is known to prevent the eyeball from elongating, ensuring that light focuses directly on the retina.

“Recent studies suggest that 75% of children are capable of wearing corneal reshaping lenses.”

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Corneal reshaping with CRT Brand Contact Lenses is becoming an increasingly sought-after option for people who are nearsighted or have children or grandchildren who have the genetic factor of following in one or both parent's visual footsteps.

Researchers in Australia found that myopia is most prevalent in societies where children watch TV or play computer games instead of playing outside. For example, 30 to 50 percent of 12-year-old children in Hong Kong and Tokyo are nearsighted, compared to 20 percent of US children in this age group.

“Dr. Jane Gwizada of the New England College of Optometry was one of the lead researchers for a report in the January 2009 issue of Optometry and Vision Science which found that nearsighted children spent an average of 4.3 fewer hours outside each week than children who did not have that vision problem. The study also found that children with myopia watched several additional hours per week of television, on average.”

Since it’s unlikely that parents will prevent children from using their computers and hand-held devices, inquire today if you or your child is a candidate for corneal reshaping with CRT Brand Contact Lenses.